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What's New at Lingramière 2023
What's New at Lingramière 2023
  • January, we joined the Ride & Rest community 

  • February, we were awarded with the Chambre de Référence  accreditation 

  • March, we successfully passed the Accueil Vélo inspection 

  • March,  we installed a gym with an infra red sauna for 4 people

  • April, we were in the polytunnel, growing salads and flowers for our guests

  • April, pickled magnolia flowers, foraged wild garlic for pesto making with our walnuts

  • May, guests arriving on foot, by bicycle, by motorbike  and by car 

  • June, our second group of  7  motorbikers arrive for 4 nights , BBQ's and fire pit evenings

  • July, Mabel hen hatched 8 chicks and a family of 10 poulet de Barberie arrived

  • August, busy with guests, BBQ's, smoores and star lite nights by the fire pit

  • August, we have installed Starlink Satellite system and now have excellent internet speeds

  • September 23rd We will be closing for 2023 season

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